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Robotics and AI for Education, Arts and Research
with the Poppy platform

Poppy Station brings together players from the world of business, research, training, culture and education who share a common vision: robotics is an opportunity when it is mastered and put at the service of mankind.

Poppy Station aims at the development and preservation of robotic ecosystems and associated open source or free technologies, in all fields where their use can allow this development and preservation, in a spirit of transparency and openness. The association pays particular attention to the fields of education, training, arts and research.

Poppy Station is the result of a transfer of Inria’s research from its open-source Poppy robotic ecosystem to an external multi-partner structure. The Poppy ecosystem includes software and hardware tools for creating and programming robots, as well as educational content for education and training, and a large interdisciplinary community of users. This ecosystem was created and developed by Inria’s Flowers team, with the aim of facilitating the experimentation and creation of innovative robotic tools in the fields of education, research and the arts.

Poppy Project

The Poppy platform, its robots, its uses, its community.

Poppy Education

A space dedicated to the uses of Poppy in Education.

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