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Institut National de Recherche en sciences du numérique, informatique, IA, robotique. Click to learn more

Inria, the national research institute dedicated to digital sciences, promotes scientific excellence and transfer to have the greatest impact.
It employs 2,400 people. Its 200 agile project teams, usually shared with academic partners, involve more than 3,000 scientists to meet the challenges of computer science and mathematics, often at the interface of other disciplines.
Inria works with many companies and has supported the creation of more than 160 start-ups
. The Institute strives to address the challenges of the digital transformation of science, society and the economy

The League of Education

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HESAM Université

Communauté d'universités et établissements regroupant 18 structures. Click to learn more

ENSAM, CESI, CNAM, CNRS, École Boulle, École Duperré, École Estienne, Ecole du Louvre, ENSAAMA, ENSAPLV, ENSCI-Les Ateliers, French Fashion Institute (IFM), INED, INP, SKEMA Business School, CFJ, Fondation Nationale Enterprise et Performance (FNEP), France Clusters


Institut Français de l’Éducation


Institut Français de l’Éducation

LINE Laboratory University of Nice

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The Innovation and Digital Laboratory for Education is a Research Unit of the ESPE (Higher School of Professorship and Education) of the Nice Academy and the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.

The scientific programme of the Laboratory of Innovation and Digital for Education is in line with the objectives of the MenSR School Refoundation Act through educational innovation and the use of digital technology as a lever for the study and improvement of educational practices. The programme focuses on two main areas: educational innovation and the creative uses of digital technology.

CANOPE Direction Martinique

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Under the tutelage of the Ministry of National Education, Canopé Network publishes transmedia educational resources (print, web, mobile, TV), meeting the needs of the educational community. A major player in the re-foundation of the school, he combines innovation and pedagogy to bring the School into the digital age.

Association MOBSYA

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Mobsya is a non-profit organization that creates robots, software and educational activities to help young people discover digital technologies and science. She is the creator and seller of the Thymio robot.

CERN Micro-Club

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At CERN in Geneva, CERN MicroClub’s primary mission is the mediation of computer science and robotics.

NGO Rights Tech Women

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The organization brings the fields of human rights and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) closer together. RTW links the expertise of human rights knowledge transfers to initiatives to increase the participation rates of women and girls in STEM. RTW works with international and local partnerships. RTW seeks to combine human rights and STEM learning with a multidisciplinary team. RTW has begun co-developing hybrid training for girls aged 10-17 with modules on human rights, robotics and programming, using educational robots Poppy Ergo Jr.

Mission: RTW’s mission is to advance the human rights of women and girls in STEM. In particular, the rights holders (the ‘rights holders’) with whom RTW works are women and girls who are learning STEM (aged 10 and over) and STEM professionals. As far as girls are concerned, RTW focuses on girls who are already going to school. RTW is working to increase the number of women and girls in STEM and, above all, the number of women and girls in STEM who know their rights in education and employment.

Vision: RTW’s vision is a fairer, equitable and peaceful world where women and girls fully exercise their rights in the context of education and employment in STEM.

The RTW has three interconnected areas of action:

  • data search and visualization,
  • advocacy with the United Nations and education, and
  • developing tools for education and training.

Network development: RTW develops a network and works to support capacity exchange in 33 countries, selected for criteria such as demographics, participation of women and girls in different levels of STEM education and employment in STEM, wage inequality, interregional exchanges, and feasibility. Switzerland and France are among these countries.

Italian Cooperative Company Borgione – Stripes

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STRIPES is an Italian social cooperative that provides research, consulting, training, planning and management services in the areas of early childhood, minors, disability, foreign integration, culture and new media, also through the coordinated contribution of other agencies and institutions, or through agreements with outside agencies;

STRIPES also proposes to collaborate with scientific institutes, universities, public and private bodies at national and international levels to formulate, evaluate and implement research projects related to the use of new technologies in school and after-school education, aimed at different age groups;

STRIPES is the creator of the “Stripes Digitus Lab, international innovation centre” project dedicated to the digital/childhood relationship

Poppy Station partners

Generation Robots

Distributeur de robots pour l’éducation, la recherche, l’industrie, R&D
Based in Mérignac, Generation Robots was founded in 2008 by Jérôme Laplace, a passionate programmer. At the time, it was difficult in France to supply spare parts to equip his robot, it is this need that drives him to launch his business of online sales of electronic and robotic components. Today, Generation Robots offers its robots to the world thanks to its trilingual site (French, English and German) and the guarantee of quality that the name has established.

Allied with education, Generation Robots works with more than 1,500 educational structures in Europe such as schools, colleges, high schools, universities, but also higher schools of teaching and education (ESPE), delegation to digital education (DANE), fablabs or the Channel (The Network of Educational Creation and Support).

Pollen Robotics

Start-up robotique et IA


Start-up robotique et IA